Liz Thomas Yoga

“Its your yoga babe” is something I find myself saying time after time in class. The focus is about you and developing your awareness in you body, mind/heart and soul. Whilst i provide precise instruction for safety, you are encouraged to heed your own body rather than get caught up with notions of how your yoga is supposed to look.

My classes cater for everyone, whether you require private instruction initially,  want a deeply relaxing practice or you are a regular yogi and ready for an active practice.

My classes are small and provide an opportunity for a personal attention within the group setting. Its a very friendly atmosphere with a light-hearted approach.

UNIQUE CLASSES: My focus is spinal alignment and ease in practice. Having been a teacher my entire life, each class is carefully sequenced and different every week. In all classes you can expect  a philosophical theme, asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), and some surprise activities.  I am also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and believe strongly in the power of touch, self-massage techniques and a little partner massage are often included. Whilst respecting yoga traditions I draw inspiration from a variety of evidence based and experienital sources resulting in a stimulating and calming experience.

Preview my classes on Youtube


Yoga Classes & Available Workshops in your venue

Classes and Workshops available in Wollongong and surrounding areas. I also travel for festivals and studios nationally and internationally.

Active Inspired by North American Vinyasa Flow derived from the Indian Ashtanga tradition. A class for students who like a bit of challenge in their practice. Expect some flowing movement, inversions and some partner work. You will benefit developing strength, stamina and core stability with meditative movement.

Japanese Inspired by Oki-do tradition. A class that focuses on developing Hara (core) and Kokoro (mind/heart) with a sequence of dynamic postures and  movement known as Kyoka-ho. This a fun and active class.

Relax and Restore Inspired by the work of Judith Lasiter and Leanne Carey. Ease your way back into yoga or begin here, but we warned some people never leave, they love it so much! A nurturing practice perfect for rehabilitation or for those with limited movement. Slow sequences using bolsters, pillows and blocks. But don’t go expecting the benefit to be only available long-term, this practice changes lives!




Private instruction

The benefit of private tuition is that Liz can design a lesson precisely for your individual or your groups needs.

Group packages: Prices start at $125/hr.

Private One on One package: 4 1hr lessons over 4 weeks, Postural Assessment, Thai Yoga Massage and Home Practice Downloadable Video. $650

Online One on One package: Skype consultation 20mins x 2, Postural assessment, unique Downloadable Home Practice video. $400


Yoga in Your Town or City

Liz travels internationally and Australia wide  for yoga and massage workshops. Fri-Sun for short courses and longer by arrangement. Call +61 407065084

COMING SOON Online Courses

If you are unable to make it regularly to Malua Bay but would like a regular practice, great news. You can study with me from anywhere in the world!


Enquire below or call me in Australia 0407065084


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