Thai Yoga Massage & THAI REFLEXOLGY


Originating as part of The Royal Temple Arts of Thailand, the LOTUS PALM method, is a fully-clothed practice, performed on specially designed floor mats. This technique works with structural alignment, muscle release and the soothing of the nervous system to promote self-healing and relaxation.

During  Thai Yoga Massage you will receive:

  • A full body treatment customised for you. Liz moves your whole body into different yoga-like positions that opens up the joints and then works into the muscle and fascial connections throughout the body.
  • Transformative relaxation and revitalisation. Experience increased range of movement, easing of muscle tension and a stimulation the energy lines and pressure points for revitalisation.
  •  Subtle realignment and release. Liz addresses specific areas of discomfort and pain through treating the body as a whole entity. Your entire body will be engaged through the massage.
  • Deep relaxation and soul soothing music. Music is selected to encourage relaxation, (it is not the familiar new-age massage music you may have come to expect) . The massage is practiced with a nourishing rocking motion throughout.
  • Thai Yoga Massage is performed in the spirit of “Loving Kindness” meaning that Liz comes to the massage mat with the intention to eliminate pain rather than cause it. Her primary motivation is to provide a nurturing and supportive massage that empowers your natural ability to heal and restore your life force.

What you need to know:

It is a clothes on practice, you will need to wear or bring socks.

Arrive a few moments early for tea and a chat about your needs, particularly if it is your first time.

All jewellery should be removed.

It is performed on the floor, there is nothing for you to do except enjoy.

You are encouraged to breath and sigh your way through the practice should you wish to release tensions in this way.



Tania D ” I would like to say…. I found Thai Yoga Massage the ultimate relaxation experience. I felt like I was on a cloud and I didn’t want it to end!”

Keryn W. “I’ve been fortunate enough to have three Thai Yoga Massages with Liz and I have loved them all! I love the range of movement for your body while being totally physically supported. Liz certainly has the “feel” for giving just the right massage you’re needing”


WHERE: In your venue Wollongong and surrounding suburbs 


EVERYDAY 8am-7pm


Massage Menu

                                                                                               Mates Rates

  • 60 min Foot Reflexology                      $95
  • 60 min Hands, Feet & Head                $95
  • 75 min Thai Yoga Massage                  $110                    $100
  • 90 min Thai Yoga Massage                  $130                   $110
  • 2 hours Combined Massage                $170                    $150
  • SUNDAYS add $30
  • Travel surcharge for further than 10km from central Wollongong

Regulars DEALS

Book for within the month and get mates rates, see above

Take control of your well-being

Get a massage every month $1200 save $120.

Fortnightly massages $1400 save $240.

Weekly massages $5200 save $520!! Share your pre-purchased massages with your family and friends.

AT YOUR PLACE: If you have a pet hair free environment at home or at your accommodation whilst on holidays I can come to you. The call out fee is applies in venues outside a 10km radius in the Wollongong Area per visit.

Gift Vouchers Available: from $95

Take control of your wellbeing

Massage voucher available for NEXT DAY postage, to your place or to another address. Delivered in a silver envelope $75 for Foot Reflexology (60mins) $90 Thai Yoga Massage (75mins).

The Ultimate Gift:

12mths of Massage.  $5200

Call 0407065084 or email for a secure payment option.


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