Getting high: Walking and meditating on Didthul Pigeon House Mt, Sth Coast NSW Australia

Take yourself on a meditation walk.
Align your posture.
Wear thin soled walking shoes that allow you to connect to the earth, or walk somewhere that is safe from snakes and spiders barefoot, step mindfully.
Breathe into the belly, use your entire lung capacity.
Notice your resistance without judgement.
Keep a positive self-talk pattern or mantra in your mind.
Take your time to see the beauty, the details.
Go at your pace.
Sit and enjoy the view.
Absorb the wonder of nature, that same wonder that is you.
Watch your breathe.
Align the spine.
Just be.
Make a day of it and take your lunch.
Take a photo or draw an image to put up at home, so when you see it you can close your eyes and experience the serenity of the experience.


If you would like to join me for an uplifting, energising walking and meditation experience on Sunday 16th November 2014, call 0407065084 or email me