30 Day Challenge: Home Retreat 

Self-Love, care and nurturing is the most important love, we all know this. Sometimes we need to intensely focus through retreat from the everyday. Sometimes a day, a weekend, at other times a longer respite is needed. 

After observing an energy drop and a tendency for inflammation/illness in my system and a growing need to express artistically I decided to devise a home retreat for myself, and to take an extended period off. This has been difficult to do, my clients still want massages and yoga, I’ve just met an awesome new man, socialising, activist commitments etc all need to go on hold, especially during the first week.

For the month of July classes will pause and I am creating a space for myself to explore my creativity, clean-out and go deep into my personal yoga practice. 

Week One: reset, I will use yoga practices to revive my life force.

Week two: perspective, reassessing my focus in life and how I will be my empowered, unique self.

Week three: simplify, create, playful approaches to everyday activities.

Week four: integrate ideas into daily life and share knowledge with others.




Play records








Skinny dip



I’m looking forward to this time to nurture my art and envision a different format for offering yoga practices to my local community and online. 

In the meantime, keep your inner-flame burning, your heart and toes warm, try simmering grated ginger and sliced lemon together and add some honey for soothining sweetness. 

 I will see you the last week in July. ❤️ Liz 

Amazing Endorsement …. Thanks Mel

Melanie is a regular massage enthusiast, in the past 12months she had committed to a monthly massage.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.18.41 PM

She is a super-busy, driven and intelligent woman who runs a business for people who help people, “Downsize Me” Heres what she had to say in her latest newsletter:

 “bet you’ve heard this one before – “I was going so well, and then I just fell off the wagon.” In fact, you’ve probably even said it.


That’s because the sad reality is, we are creatures of habit, and habits can be hard to stick to. 

Even a health and wellness coach can have trouble making healthy habits stick!


And while I’m pretty good most of the time, around 80% of the time, I definitely struggle to be consistent with a few habits, even though they are meaningful and beneficial for me.


But there’s one habit I’ve managed to stick to, and I want to share my secret weapon with you.

But first….


The Excuses Queen

I love a good massage and know logically why they’re SO good for me…but I always found excuses not to have regular massages.


  • I can’t afford it.
  • It’s too hard to go back to work afterwards.
  • It takes too much time out of my day.
  • I have to shower all the oil off when I get home.


You can see that, like most of us, I have barriers, competing priorities. 

This means I tend to defer ‘me-time’ during the week – and as a result, can end up frazzled.


Then something changed. 

Enter, Liz Thomas.


An Afternoon With Lovely Liz – The Relaxation Queen

Apart from being an artist and yoga teacher, Liz Thomas does great massage – a fully clothed style of massage called Thai Yoga massage (with a few other styles thrown in). 

The massage involves Liz moving me around during the session for stretch and mobility, plus working on different areas more intensely.

Liz’s massage ticks the normal massage boxes, but a bunch more.


  • The kinks get worked out of my neck, shoulder and back. 
  • No oil!
  • It’s easier for me to go back to work.
  • I feel like I am part of the solution, not just ‘getting treated’.
  • She works in a beautiful location.
  • I can be silent if I wish, otherwise we have great banter.
  • As a regular client, I get a discount. So I book in my next session when I’m there, to ensure my consistency.


Now, I am going every month and loving it.


You’ll notice that the Excuses Queen put money first.  

But when I become the Relaxation Queen, money is the last of my concerns. 


What created that shift??


The Surprisingly Simple Secret Weapon


I was talking to Liz the other day with in my most recent massage. We had a good banter about life, her paintings, yoga, philosophy, wellbeing and habits….and then what makes people come for yoga and massage, or not. 


And then I realised my secret to greater consistency in habits. 


It’s the relationship I have with the person.


It’s not just that I am accountable to Liz. I also like Liz a lot – I find her interesting, and it feels like we have a great connection. 

And there’s more.

And as we talked, I started saying to Liz that the session is about more than just massage for me. 

It’s downtime. 

Clarity time. 




Physical relief. 



The feeling of achieving something each time, and walking away with an AHA moment. 


Massage with Liz is so much more than I imagined, and more than I’d gotten with any other massage.


The incredible value Liz offers far outweighs the cost….and it’s a powerful magnet to keep me coming back. 


There’s the added bonus of scheduling the next one in advance, at the time. Great for a structured girl like me.


What’s really interesting is that now I’m thinking about going to Liz’s yoga class. 

It’s something I know would be great…and maybe, just maybe, what Liz has to offer can help the Excuses Queen get past the BS and into consistency.”

Heres Melanies website if your interested in her work too : http://www.downsizeme.net.au/


Thankyou Mel, Namaste x




1 min Light Meditation

Silent, light visualisation.

Imagine light being as a pinpoint behind your sternum, in the centre of your chest and see it grow until it radiates beyond your extremities into the world around you, try it walking in the street.


Musk Lolly Bath: Radical Self-Care Sunday

Sunday is the day when we often have a little more opportunity to carve out some “me time”. Radical self-care is something I have indulged in frequently, but not frequently enough apparently. This week I came down with a cold, and I know it was from pushing my immune system to its limits!

In order to expediate the healing I have been resting, keeping warm and spending inside time. What I mean is that I have been indulging in the the things I like to do……. going inside to my heart, seeing what the soul needs, reflecting on how I can include more of those things in my day to day life. 

For me this means writing, drawing, cooking, yoga nidra, reading/listening to inspirational and entertaining texts, watching foreign film and having a bath. Ohhh how I love a bath! Today was extra special when I discovered that rose geranium oil and vanilla oil smell precisely like the musk lollies (candy) I grew up savouring. The internet has a plethora of suggestions of the healing properties of these oils however my experience was that after being cooped up for three days it made me feel rejunivated, energetic and sensuous with more than a touch of nostalgia for those days of innocence when 20c to spend at the corner shop meant a whole lot of lollies for the weekend.

I invite you to consider what you me-time means for you and how you might like spend sometime on a Sunday or   perhaps even everyday on an activity that honours your hearts desire.

Namste Liz


You are the Sky, a practice to reveal the peace that already resides within you.

Practice being the sky. Look up, breath in. 

Using the process of sense withdrawal, known as pratyahara, one of the limbs in the 8 limbs Yoga. 

Use this script to help develop a witness consciousness, an empowering practice to help us understand our true nature.

Be comfortable and breath slowly particularly on exhalation. an extended exhalation creates the relaxation response in the body. Notice all your senses as they take in the information, furthest sounds, the temperature, the textures of your clothes, scent in the room, close your eyes softly and withdraw from them and notice sensation in the body. Bring attention to any tingling, pain, comfort and any other sensation in the body. Move your attention away from this sensation to watch the breath move in and out of the body, in through the nose and out through the nose, relaxed one, natural, move away from attention from the breath knowing if discomfort or distraction does arise you can slow the breath by focus on a long exhalation. Notice your thought, watch it pass like clouds across the vast expanse of sky, allow thought without getting caught up, be kind to yourself should you find yourself attached, perhaps use a breath to let the thought pass. Rest now in silence and pure consciousness for 10-30mins.






In yoga we are fond of setting an intention for our practice and manifesting our desires. In Sanskrit it is known as sankalpa. Living a life of passion, from the heart brings contentment, satisfaction and peace into our personal life. This then ripples out into our environment and the world.

When completing the affirmation, or any sankalpa bringing the feelings associated with our desire is what gives it power. We make our desires manifest when we act as if has already happened! 

You can do this by bringing up a memory of feeling completely loved, or giving unconditional love. Then drop the association with that place or person that helped you experience love and just experience the LOVE.