Prana Poem 

Prana is not only about the breath, it’s also about the environment in which we surround ourselves. Consider the food you eat, the people you share your time with, your relationship to plants and animals, the prioritising of your activities. 

The energy you gather and take into yourself nourishes your own life-force. Ask yourself how you can provide a fertile growing media for that seed within you that wants to emerge. 

What’s in your pod? 

Inhale intention

Exhale manifestation 

Namaste Liz 

 “The true expression of love is to make oneself and others more and more alive and to share prosperity together” Masahiro Oki 

1 min Light Meditation

Silent, light visualisation.

Imagine light being as a pinpoint behind your sternum, in the centre of your chest and see it grow until it radiates beyond your extremities into the world around you, try it walking in the street.


You are the Sky, a practice to reveal the peace that already resides within you.

Practice being the sky. Look up, breath in. 

Using the process of sense withdrawal, known as pratyahara, one of the limbs in the 8 limbs Yoga. 

Use this script to help develop a witness consciousness, an empowering practice to help us understand our true nature.

Be comfortable and breath slowly particularly on exhalation. an extended exhalation creates the relaxation response in the body. Notice all your senses as they take in the information, furthest sounds, the temperature, the textures of your clothes, scent in the room, close your eyes softly and withdraw from them and notice sensation in the body. Bring attention to any tingling, pain, comfort and any other sensation in the body. Move your attention away from this sensation to watch the breath move in and out of the body, in through the nose and out through the nose, relaxed one, natural, move away from attention from the breath knowing if discomfort or distraction does arise you can slow the breath by focus on a long exhalation. Notice your thought, watch it pass like clouds across the vast expanse of sky, allow thought without getting caught up, be kind to yourself should you find yourself attached, perhaps use a breath to let the thought pass. Rest now in silence and pure consciousness for 10-30mins.