Life Force our Essential Self

Patanjali in sutra 1.3 following on from 1.2, says (when the we still the fluctuations of the mind) Then we, who enquires, becomes established in its true nature.


When we take hiatus from our many selves: focus on our bodies, mind/heart, ego/imagination, intellect/intuition and rest in our essence, our life force we get a recharge, and all of those layers of self have a chance to recalibrate and become more balanced and aligned. When this happens we let go of the need to control everything so closely and watch things unfold.

How can we understand our life force:

  • Sitting/Laying down in spinal alignment, relax through the body, feet to crown, crown to feet
  • breath through the body, make any adjustments to help alleviate any distracting discomfort , breathing inhale feet to crown along the spine and exhale crown to feet
  • take your awareness through emotions and ideas acknowledging them,
  • notice how you have so many great thoughts when you relax deeply, give yourself permission to rest away from the busy-ness of ego/imagination …… the thoughts and ideas will be there for you to come back to later,
  • perhaps bring a positive thought/feeling through or repeat a simple mantra like “peace” to rest your mind/heart on now
  • before going deeper into yourself where intellect/intuition reside opening up to your innate wisdom
  • Moving now to rest with our essence that can see all this going on yet not become involved
  • SILENCE, use each breath to take you deeper, each thought to take you deeper, each emotion deeper, each idea deeper, stay quiet and watch, you will gradually be engulfed in the experience of life force not by trying hard but by allowing, surrendering
  • There is nothing to achieve here, nothing to do, no enlightenment to realise, just your life force, your pure consciousness, your essence to enjoy


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