Musk Lolly Bath: Radical Self-Care Sunday

Sunday is the day when we often have a little more opportunity to carve out some “me time”. Radical self-care is something I have indulged in frequently, but not frequently enough apparently. This week I came down with a cold, and I know it was from pushing my immune system to its limits!

In order to expediate the healing I have been resting, keeping warm and spending inside time. What I mean is that I have been indulging in the the things I like to do……. going inside to my heart, seeing what the soul needs, reflecting on how I can include more of those things in my day to day life. 

For me this means writing, drawing, cooking, yoga nidra, reading/listening to inspirational and entertaining texts, watching foreign film and having a bath. Ohhh how I love a bath! Today was extra special when I discovered that rose geranium oil and vanilla oil smell precisely like the musk lollies (candy) I grew up savouring. The internet has a plethora of suggestions of the healing properties of these oils however my experience was that after being cooped up for three days it made me feel rejunivated, energetic and sensuous with more than a touch of nostalgia for those days of innocence when 20c to spend at the corner shop meant a whole lot of lollies for the weekend.

I invite you to consider what you me-time means for you and how you might like spend sometime on a Sunday or   perhaps even everyday on an activity that honours your hearts desire.

Namste Liz


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