Red Meat and Bitter greens

Lean beef is a wonderful source of protein but so is kangaroo, lamb or goat. All of which would work perfectly with this salad. The yoga approach to meat consumption (we are not all vegetarians) is to eat small amounts of meat compared to our vegetable content on our plates. I eat red meat for iron and it makes me feel good. Of course its your yoga and you must do what is right for your body and philosophy.
Try growing your own bitter greens in the garden or in a pot on the balcony. The fresher you can get your greens the more nutrients they have, and the crunchier the salad.

1/2 brown onion
3 bay leaves
1-3 cloves garlic smashed
1 glass of red wine
6 peppercorns
2 tablespoons olive oil

1 eye fillet, kangaroo fillet/rump, lamb/goat backstrap marinated for at least 4hrs or overnight is preferable.
Enough Bitter greens or Mixed leaf salad to cover your platter abundantly: try using lots of colours and shapes for nutrient and visual variety eg. chickory, raddichio, sorrel, rocket (agrulia)
10 large basil leaves finely sliced
Balsamic vinegar, the best you can afford
Olive Oil


1. Barbecue or pan fry meat till medium rare to rare. and crusty on the outside.
2. While its cooking dress leaves lightly with a little salt, vinegar and oil.
3. Rest meat for 10mins covered.
4. Slice meat finely and arrange over the leaves.
5. Pour juices over meat, a little drizzle more of balsamic and olive oil, salt, pepper and sprinkle with basil.



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