Yummiest Raw Muesli x 2 Cherry Choc & Mango Pistachio


70% Oats: whole rolled oats is cheap and yummy, not mention a superfood, in fact this recipe is all super-foods!
10% Raw Nuts: Pistachio, macadamias, almonds, cashews
1% Chia seeds
9% Dried Coconut, flaked or shredded
10 %Dried Fruit: Sultanas, chopped mango, currants, cherries
2-3 tablespoons Cinnamon or Raw Cacao/Coco powder

The fun of making muesli is that there are no rules however I have found that these combos work really well. All my airbnb guest love em too. I have had requests for the recipe so here are two.

Combine the above ingredients in roughly the described quantities in a very large jar and shake.


For a Cherry Ripe flavour profile dominate with dried Cherries and Cacao.
For a Tropical Treat use plenty of mango and pistachio.

You can just eat it with milk, but, there is an art to eating raw muesli that minimises the feeling that you may need to chew all morning. Just pour boiling water over your muesli and let stand for about 10mins, it will soak up the water and soften the ingredients, helping with digestion and chewability.
I stir through some plain, unsweetened yoghurt. I find that its sweet enough for me with all the dried fruit, but you may wish to add fresh fruit or a drizzle of honey.





Namaste and Bright Blessings Liz


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