Mushroom, Potato and Leek soup……… starring Chervil

Simple yet special with Chervil

I love my Farmers Market in Moruya (voted no#1 in Australia!) and this week there was a lovely new stall holder with homebaked goodies and home grown herbage. I just think its fabulous that our farmers market allows the home gardener to bring in their excess produce to share with the community.

Chervil, is not commonly available in regular retail outlets and I haven’t grown it. It has a beautiful, delicate anise flavour with fern-like foliage that is very pretty. Apparently it had traditional medicinal properties for memory and wellbeing. The origins of its name come from Greek and means to enjoy! This recipe certainly fits the bill.

I like to try something new from the market, this week its Chervil is my challenge ingredient. I am no “Iron Chef” however when our beautiful spring weather turned a little blustery I was keen to put on the fire, probably for the last time for the year and get a soup happening.

EAT MORE VEG! is my mantra of the moment so here we have a simple lovely warmer for a cool day in Spring or Autumn/Fall if you are in the northern hemisphere 🙂

The result is a bit special so go ahead and grow your own or find a friend with some, of course it would be great with parsley too.


Mushroom Potato and Leek Soup

500g peeled potato
6 roughly chopped mushrooms
3 medium leek whites, finely sliced
1 small garlic clove roughly chopped
1 litre stock, I think mine was chicken, who knows in my freezer! powdered is fine.
butter or olive oil
chervil roughly chopped


1. Sweat leeks in frying medium on low, add mushies and garlic and cook for a further 5mins.
2. Add potato and stock, simmer for 15mins.
3. Grate half a whole nutmeg or half a tsp of ground nutmeg, season with S & P.
4. Wizz in the blender and serve for a healthy version or add cream for an indulgent one.
5. Serve with abundant chervil and perhaps some homemade bread.

Namaste Liz

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